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If you are thinking about moving to France, the first thing to do is clarify your purpose.

Do you want to learn French and eat baguettes? Do you want to be able to work, part time or full-time? Are you planning on starting a business? Or are you retired and want to live and travel in France and Europe without having to return to the US every 90 days?

Paris Unraveled can help you plan and coordinate your move to France, but to get a visa, you’ll need to meet certain requirements: have a minimum of financial resources, having temporary health insurance until you become eligible for French sécu, and explaining the reasons for your move.

To determine your options for moving to France, please complete this questionnaire below as thoroughly as possible. Within a few days, I’ll provide a FREE evaluation of your visa options by email, and you’ll have the option to schedule a follow-up Skype call to discuss your next step forward.

Complete the Free Questionnaire below to find out how you can move to France:

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