Allison Lounes

has been writing Paris Unraveled and helping people France since 2010.

Start a French Business

Learn about how to choose a French business structure, start a business in France and get the correct visa type for your business activity.

Get Help with French Visas

Need assistance applying for a visa so you can study, live, and work in France? We can help.

Conquer French Bureaucracy

If French bureaucracy is getting you down and you need help, Paris Unraveled has got you covered.

Moving to France is exciting – and bureaucratically frustrating!

(French bureaucracy is notorious for a reason.)



That’s why Paris Unraveled is here to help.

I’m an American artist who moved to France last year, and don’t know what I would have done without Allison. I had no idea how challenging things would be once I arrived in France. Allison has been extremely helpful and professional, by going above and beyond to help me with my visa and setting up my business to run in France. If you need help with anything in France, Allison is the person to ask!

Allison is highly knowledgeable and informed on current requirements, explains concepts beautifully, and is very easy to talk with.  Our 45-minute session inspired the critical trust and confidence I need to have when working with a professional on such an important process and I am very much looking forward to working with her to assist with the complexities of my upcoming relocation.

Allison has an encyclopedic knowledge of the ins and outs of the famously formidable French bureaucracy, plus a good sense of how best to approach it. Particularly useful are her alerts about the “unknown unknowns”—the requirements that we not only did not know how meet, but were unaware of in the first place. She’s the person you have looking for if you are looking for a helpful, capable person to hold your hand as you settle in to life in France.


The session with Allison was worth every cent, and has put my mind at ease. The French tax system is complicated, and Allison’s deep knowledge of the system proved invaluable. She was also able to explain things in a clear way so that I understood the concepts and different types of taxation. I feel calmer knowing that Allison is there and that I can return to her if I have any future queries. I just couldn’t work it all out for myself, so was very grateful to tap into everything Allison has learnt over the years.

Stress less, drink more wine, and impress your friends

with how effortlessly you France.

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