What if moving to France was easier

than you ever thought possible?

You may dream of living in the City of Lights or running a business from a château in the Loire Valley, but you’ve also heard the horror stories. The complaints from other expats. 

How damn complicated (and frustrating!) it is to deal with French bureaucracy.

Especially if you’re running a business.

Especially if your French n’est pas très bon.

And maybe you’ve read dozens of sites about moving to France and registering a business here – and now, you’re just more confused than ever.

You may love the IDEA of living in France, and sipping wine in a café while running your business from your laptop… but is it even possible? Or is the fear of getting tangled up in French bureaucracy holding you back from living your dream?

What if someone else could take care of the hard parts – the logistics, the visa, the bureaucracy – to leave you to the business of building your dream life in France?

What if you could transform your life by moving to France, and feel secure that you’re doing things the *right* way, creating a path to a permanent residence abroad?

Enabling you to create your dream life and business in France is my passion, which is why I’ve created a service package that takes care of all of the hard parts for you.

So you can focus on YOU, your life and business, and on what you came to France to do.

Franceformation is my signature full-service relocation package to transform and inform
your new life and business in France.

My personalized Franceformation package is specifically designed and customized for self-employed business owners to take care of ALL of your personal and professional French administration and bureaucracy needs, from your initial visa application through your first visa renewal.

Say ‘Oui, s’il te plaît!’ to 16 months of full administrative assistance and on-call support when moving to France, and outsource all of your Franco-bureaucrato-phobia to me.

Profession Libérale


Profession Artistique

Passport Talents Entrepreneur

Step 1: Apply for your French Visa

Allison guides you through the initial visa application process, from developing your business or business idea into a clear, concise, and actionable plan that can be packaged and sold to the French consulate or prefecture. This involves combining your previous professional experience, business ideas (or current business) and crafting a narrative about the growth of your business and how you will develop your business activity in France.

Identify your business’s main activity or activities, its purpose, and your unique gifts and experiences that drive you to create your business in France

✓ Outline your business’s main service packages, sources of income, and expenses, to calculate financial projections over your first 3 years in business. It’s extremely advantageous if you have already operated a similar business in your home country and have income records to support your future projections. (But it’s not impossible if you’re starting a new business.)

 Based on your income projections, expenses, potential legal liability, and personal preferences, choose a French business structure that best suits your needs (Autoentrepreneur, travailleur indépendant, artiste-auteur, EURL/SARL, SAS(U), etc.)

 Clarify any legal points we need to research around how you can operate your business in France: if your professional credentials are valid or must be validated in France, if you need to create a ‘parallel business’ adjacent to your skills because your current credentials won’t be recognized, if you are importing products, creating subsidiaries, or doing anything ‘complex’

The visa application process includes:

  • Initial meeting and strategy session (up to 1.5h), to identify your visa type and the timeline for getting it.
  • Guided workbooks to complete on your professional experience and your business idea or current business. You will complete these workbooks to provide sufficient information for Paris Unraveled to complete your visa application.
  • Access to the Complete French Business Incubator (Value €1600), which guides you through the complete process of applying for the visa and setting up a business type. (It’s a self-study program, but we’ll be doing the work together, and I will point you to the most appropriate sections).
  • 4 weeks of 1h sessions of combined visa and business coaching on defining and refining your ideas into a coherent and actionable business or project plan suitable for the French consulate or préfecture.
  • Complete analysis of the possible business types and how you would be impacted tax-wise, with assistance in choosing the proper business structure.
  • Assistance and email templates for contacting any potential clients or collaborators in France.
  • A complete visa application package written *for you* in French OR English (as appropriate), including: (Value €2900)
    • Cover letter
    • Project & business plan
    • Market study (if necessary)
    • 3 years of financial projections
    • Writing client and collaborator letters
    • Business setup documents (company statutes and relevant attestations)
    • CV/résumé in French
  • Guidance on assembling other administrative documents necessary for your visa appointment (Long-stay visa application & OFII form, insurance, reservation, plane ticket, financial documents, etc.)
  • 1h appointment verifying your complete visa package prior to submission
  • If your visa application is a “change of status” within France: Accompanying you to the prefecture for your appointment as many times as necessary
  • Does not include: certified translations or visa fees

Step 2: Setting up your business & life in France

Once your visa is approved and your plane ticket to France is finalized, we’ll hit the ground running as soon as you arrive, taking care of registering your business and setting up your personal and professional life in Frnace.

Aside from finding you housing and opening your bank account, we’ll also take a look at your personal and professional goals for your first year here, and the things you’ll need to know while you’re adjusting to your new life à la française. We’ll have several meetings upon your arrival to deal with the administrative nitty-gritty, and then schedule regular phone calls or in-person meetings every two weeks, so you can get help with any administrative questions, feedback or advice on anything France-related you’re struggling with, and we can go over any new paperwork or forms that need to be dealt with.

And if you need to vent about people correcting your French or Francesplaining to you? Go for it.

This intensive period of assistance immediately after your arrival includes:

  • Assistance with preparation of rental dossier and communication with agents, to set up your housing close to arrival.
  • Accompanying you to the lease signing, including reading the lease before you sign, assisting with the état des lieux (initial walkthrough), communicating issues with landlord, setting up utilities (Value €500)
  • Full day (7h) of personal admin assistance upon arrival: setting up bank accounts for your personal use, public transportation passes, sending OFII forms, setting up admin, providing an overview of everything you need to know, enrolling your children in schools/daycare, signing you and your family members up for French classes, etc. (Value €800)
  • Complete setup of your business activity: submission of all documents, registering you to pay social charges, assistance with bank account and insurance setup, etc. (Value €1.200)
  • 2-hour tutorial on your business obligations: invoicing, recordkeeping, social charges, accounting, and the documents to keep track of for the visa renewal process.
  • Setting you up with a bookkeeper and accountant (French certified expert-comptable) if necessary (for companies and travailleurs indépendants)

Step 3: Supporting you and your French business throughout the year:

Once you’re up and running, we won’t need to see each other quite so much, but you’ll still have on-call access to me whenever you need help with French administration and daily life, have questions about France, or just need some support to get through the adjustment to living here on those grey Parisian winter days.

Your complete support package throughout the year includes:

  • 1 year Premium membership to the FrancoFiles, a Paris Unraveled community where you have access to forums for questions, as well as tutorials, workshops, and virtual office hours for living in France (Value €799)
  • Full-service administrative support for all of your French bureaucracy needs during the year: French health insurance & carte vitale, business and personal correspondence in French, assistance with utilities, driver’s licence exchange, etc. I’ll provide a complete checklist of administrative procedures, along with a timeline, for us to work on together throughout the year, so you always know where your accounts and French bureaucracy needs stand. (40+ hours of administrative support – Value €5.000)
  • 3 half-days (3.5h meetings) of assistance to be used any time during the year (Value €1.350)
  • Meetings every 2 weeks by Zoom (approx.30 min) to go over admin, review any correspondence you’ve received, and answer any questions that have come up. (Value €3.250)
  • Access to me daily by voice & messaging app at your convenience, for replies during business hours. (Value €1.000)

Step 4: Renewing Your Visa

The business and freelancer visas are particular in that you get a one year visa initially, and then can be awarded anywhere from 1-4 years upon your first renewal, depending on the success of your activity. Ideally, you’ll go from a 1-year visa, to a 4-year carte de séjour, to a 10-year resident card. Throughout your first year, I’ll keep track of your paperwork, and work with you to ensure the success of your business, so we can maximize your chances of receiving a 4-year visa upon renewal.

4 months before your visa is set to expire, I’ll make your carte de séjour renewal appointment and begin the process of gathering your paperwork for your renewal. This will involve compiling invoices, tax statements, and other documents to show the growth of your activity in France.

The visa renewal process includes:

  • Complete preparation of your visa renewal application, including: (Value €1200)
    • Making appointment for your carte de séjour renewal
    • Preparing all documents for your renewal appointment
    • 1h meeting to go over all documents and your questions about the process
  • Accompanying you to get a récipissé if necessary (when the renewal appointment is after your initial visa expires, and you need to leave the Schengen space) (Value €300)
  • Accompanying you to prefecture for visa renewal (Value €600)

Fully Franceformed and with multiannual visa in hand, we will have officially completed our time working together.

Your carte de séjour renewal appointment will mark the official end of your Franceformation.

Depending on your ongoing needs, we can discuss whether you’d like ongoing support and whether a maintenance package is right for you.

Who is Franceformation For?

Franceformation is a premium service offering for motivated and enthusiastic entrepreneurs relocating to France or starting new businesses.

It’s available to individuals and families alike, and for relocation to any part of France. Since most of our work together can be done virtually, relocating to areas other than Paris isn’t an issue – and I can come to you for certain in-person meetings during the year, like your carte de séjour renewal.

This package could be for you if:

You want someone to guide you through the proceess of moving to France, take care of all the paperwork for you.

You want the peace of mind of knowing that you don’t have to worry about making a mistake in your visa application, business registration, or other administrative process during your move. You won’t do anything wrong – because you’ll leave it to a professional.

You see the high value in a premium service that allows you to outsource all of your worry and anxiety about French bureaucracy and administration – leaving you free to focus on living your dream and achieving your goals.

You are ready to make a move and co-create your dream life in France this year.

Franceformation is NOT for you if: (no hard feelings!)

You already have your life in France pretty much established, speak French, and just want help setting up a business. (Check out the French Business Accelerator or the French Business Incubator!)

You want to do most adminstrative procedures yourself, or you’re not ready (or able) to invest in a premium done-for-you service.

You’re not worried about making mistakes on your visa application, business registration, or other administrative procedures.

You’re not 1000% sure you want to create a dream life for yourself in France.

What is the Franceformation Timeline?

– 3 months for writing the visa application

– 4-6 weeks for waiting for the visa to be approved and to arrive in France

– 1 month of super intensive setting up your life in France

– 11 months of ongoing support and administrative assistance

– Your appointment for your visa renewal: we make it 4 months before your visa is set to expire, and ideally your renewal appointment will be right around the 1-year date on your visa. (Sometimes it’s slightly later, depending on the préfecture, which is no big deal!)

We want to begin the Franceformation process approximately 5 months before you wish to arrive in France.

Profession Libérale visa application: €2.900

8 half-day & full-day appointments of assistance: €4.750

Biweekly appointments & unlimited messaging access: €4.250

40+ hours of administrative support: €5.000+

Visa renewal preparation: €1.200

Access to French Business Incubator: €1.600

Access to FrancoFiles Premium Membership: €799

Total Value of Your Franceformation: €20.499

Ease, flow, and peace of mind: inestimables (priceless).

Book a Consultation to Discuss

We’ll discuss your personal and professional goals and whether Paris Unraveled is equipped to assist in your relocation project, and determine how we can best work together to make your France dream a reality.

What if I am moving family members with me?

– No additional charge for minor children.

+10% charge on all payments for spouse with visitor, student, or vie privée visa.

+33% charge on all payments for a spouse who is also creating a business and requesting a profession libérale or similar visa.

What if I’m not moving to Paris?

Most of our work can be done virtually, through video call and messaging apps. For the in-person services we provide upon arrival, Allison can travel to any major city in France. Since she’s based in Paris, there is a 10% additional fee on all payments outside of Ile-de-France (Paris, Nanterre, Bobigny, Créteil), to account for additional transportation costs. 

We will also group in-person assistance days to minimize travel costs – without sacrificing the quality of our service!

And just so we’re clear…

Paris Unraveled is not a legal or certified accounting service, so there are some services we don’t provide, as follows. However, we will provide recommendations and referrals upon request, and coordinate providing the necessary information:

  • French & US tax preparation for complex situations (we’ll evaluate)
  • Bookkeeping or accounting services
  • Legal representation and notarial services
  • Agency fees for rental apartments
  • Visa and carte de séjour fees
  • Business registration fees
  • Certified translation fees

If you’re ready to be Franceformed this year, complete the questionnaire below to schedule a free, no obligation call with Allison to see if this package is right for you.

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