A full-service package to launch your business in France.

The French Business Accelerator is ideal for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and artists who dream of setting up their own business in France, but who don’t feel they need ongoing support throughout the year.

It is especially geared towards people who already live in France (on a student or visitor visa) and who would like to change status to be able to start a business.

This package provides complete assistance for the visa application or change of status process and facilitates the initial set up of your business activity in France, so you can hit the ground running once your visa is approved.

Step 1: Apply for your French Visa or Change of Status

Allison guides you through the initial visa application process, from developing your business or business idea into a clear, concise, and actionable plan that can be packaged and sold to the French consulate or prefecture. This involves combining your previous professional experience, business ideas (or current business) and crafting a narrative about the growth of your business and how you will develop your business activity in France.

 Identify your business’s main activity or activities, its purpose, and your unique gifts and experiences that drive you to create your business in France

 Outline your business’s main service packages, sources of income, and expenses, to calculate financial projections over your first 3 years in business. It’s extremely advantageous if you have already operated a similar business in your home country and have income records to support your future projections. (But it’s not impossible if you’re starting a new business.)

 Based on your income projections, expenses, potential legal liability, and personal preferences, choose a French business structure that best suits your needs (Autoentrepreneur, travailleur indépendant, artiste-auteur, EURL/SARL, SAS(U), etc.)

 Clarify any legal points we need to research around how you can operate your business in France: if your professional credentials are valid or must be validated in France, if you need to create a ‘parallel business’ adjacent to your skills because your current credentials won’t be recognized, if you are importing products, creating subsidiaries, or doing anything ‘complex’

The visa application process includes:

  • Initial meeting and strategy session (up to 1.5h), to identify your visa type and the timeline for getting it.
  • Guided workbooks to complete on your professional experience and your business idea or current business. You will complete these workbooks to provide sufficient information for Paris Unraveled to complete your visa application.
  • Access to the Complete French Business Incubator (Value €1600), which guides you through the complete process of applying for the visa and setting up a business type. (It’s a self-study program, but we’ll be doing the work together, and I will point you to the most appropriate sections).
  • 4 weeks of 1h sessions of combined visa and business coaching on defining and refining your ideas into a coherent and actionable business or project plan suitable for the French consulate or préfecture.
  • Complete analysis of the possible business types and how you would be impacted tax-wise, with assistance in choosing the proper business structure.
  • Assistance and email templates for contacting any potential clients or collaborators in France.
  • Guidance on assembling other administrative documents necessary for your visa appointment (Long-stay visa application & OFII form, insurance, reservation, plane ticket, financial documents, etc.)
  • Messaging and voice message access to me for 5 months
  • 1h appointment verifying your complete visa package prior to submission (Total value for above meetings: €800)
  • A complete visa application package written *for you* in French OR English (as appropriate), including: (Value: €2900)
    • Cover letter
    • Project & business plan
    • Market study (if necessary)
    • 3 years of financial projections
    • Writing client and collaborator letters
    • Business setup documents (company statutes and relevant attestations)
    • CV/résumé in French
  • If your visa application is a “change of status” within France: Accompanying you to the prefecture for your appointment as many times as necessary (Value €500 each time)

Step 2: Setting up your business & life in France

Once your visa is approved and your plane ticket to France is finalized, we’ll hit the ground running as soon as you arrive, taking care of registering your business and setting up your personal and professional life in France.

Aside from finding you housing and opening your bank account, we’ll also take a look at your personal and professional goals for your first year here, and the things you’ll need to know while you’re adjusting to your new life à la française. We’ll have several meetings upon your arrival to deal with the administrative nitty-gritty, and then schedule regular phone calls or in-person meetings every two weeks, so you can get help with any administrative questions, feedback or advice on anything France-related you’re struggling with, and we can go over any new paperwork or forms that need to be dealt with.

Assistance upon arrival includes:

  • Complete setup of your business activity: submission of all documents, registering you to pay social charges, assistance with bank account and insurance setup, etc. (Value €1.200)
  • 2-hour tutorial on your business obligations: invoicing, recordkeeping, social charges, accounting, and the documents to keep track of for the visa renewal process. (Value €300)
  • Setting you up with a bookkeeper and accountant (French certified expert-comptable) if necessary (for companies and travailleurs indépendants)
  • Information sheet and meeting on how to prepare your visa renewal at the end of your first year in France, and how to maximize your chances of receiving a multi-year card (up to 4 years) for your second titre de séjour. You will leave this appointment with everything you need to know about renewing your carte de séjour and running your business during the first year. (Value €300)
  • 1 year Premium membership to the FrancoFiles, a Paris Unraveled community where you have access to forums for questions, as well as tutorials, workshops, and virtual office hours for living in France (Value €799)

Business Launch Timeline

The process is slightly different depending on whether you are applying for a visa in a consulate outside of France, or whether you are applying for a change of status within France from an existing visa.

If you are applying for a new visa from outside of France, the process is pretty straightforward: we compile the application, make your visa appointment, and it typically takes 3-4 weeks to be approved. The tendancy is to approve these visa applications if they present a coherent and viable business plan and to give you the first year to make your business successful. If you apply for a visa for an artisinal or commercial type business, the business plan also goes through a process in which it is reviewed and approved by DIRECCTE, which may take 6-8 weeks. Ultimately, the consulate and préfecture have the final say on whether or not your visa is issued, but we do have to take extra care when preparing an application that will be reviewed by DIRECCTE.

If you’ve been in France for less than 1 year on a long-stay visitor visa or student visa, you will need to either renew your visa one time before requesting a change of status, or return to your home country to ask for a new visa. If you choose to renew in France and request a status change, you will need to wait until your renewed carte de séjour is in hand before making a status change appointment, thus prolonging the procedure by several months.

Initial visa process outside France: approximately 3 months to write the materials, one month for your visa to be approved.

Change of status process in France: approximately 3 months, with 2-3 months waiting for approval.

Typically, when we are doing a change of status (and you have already been in France longer than 1 year and renewed your visa at least once), we make the appointment as we begin the

What is the French Business Accelerator Timeline?

– 3 months for writing the visa application

– 3-4 weeks of waiting for your visa to be approved (application outside France)

– OR 8-12 weeks for waiting for the visa to be approved (change of status within France)

– 1 month of setting up your business in France and showing you the ropes

So when can we start?


From outside of France: We want to start writing the visa application 4-5 months before the date you want to arrive in France.

For a change of status within France: Any time after you’ve renewed your long-stay visa the first time. The process will take 4-5 months to complete.

Profession Libérale visa application: €2.900

Full-day appointment of assistance & business setup: €1.200

Accompanying you to appointments at the préfecture: €1.000

Running a French Business Tutorial & Guidebook: €600

Biweekly appointments & 5 months unlimited messaging access: €800

Access to French Business Incubator: €1.600

Access to 1 year FrancoFiles Premium Membership: €799

Total Value of the French Business Accelerator: €8.899

Ease, flow, and peace of mind: inestimables.

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