The types of people who tend to move to other countries also tend to be the types of people to want to go it alone.

To do it ourselves.

To prove that WE are capable of surmounting all of the challenges of getting a visa and learning the language and figuring out the local culture.

We tend to be the fiercely independent types.

The adventurers. The optimists, and the dreamers.

The ones who think that if we just put a little bit of effort into it, everything is figureoutable. Everything is possible.

And we’re not ones to take no for an answer.

For the most part, these traits are positive – hell, it’s how we got here in the first place, isn’t it? We know that people move internationally, that they learn to speak foreign languages fluently, that they find foreign partners and that they thrive in different environments.

Alas, French bureaucracy isn’t infamous because it’s easy and straightforward. It may not always be easy, but there’s always a way.

It’s just that finding a way isn’t always easy.

It can be lonely. It can be frustrating. And even though we know we CAN go it alone, sometimes we wonder if we have to.

Our friends and our families don’t always understand, and they don’t always know how to support us.

They wonder why we’d even bother if it’s so hard and causes us so much angst. Because even when we know exactly what we want – moving to France, studying French, working internationally, creating a business or a life abroad – we don’t always know the next steps to getting it. And we don’t always know how to make it happen on our timeline.

Sometimes, we have to wait for the pieces to fall into place.

And sometimes, we have to locate all of the pieces first.

For other people, the ones who already have it all figured out, or who are staying right in their home country and don’t have to figure out these things, and the fears and disappointments that go along with them, our constant pursuit of our dreams can seem too naive, or too intense, or too difficult.

When we have difficulties, we don’t always know where to turn. And as much as we want to rant to someone about how the préfecture sent is making us come back because we need another document or our justificatif de domicile is a week too old, sometimes they just don’t understand.

Moving to France, or living here, is a dance, and sometimes, it can be exhausting.

There are so many moving parts, from the visa, to fighting with the landlord over the security deposit, to figuring out the language, to understanding whether you even CAN start your own business with your immigration status. But here’s the thing: just because you WANT to prove you can do it alone, and just because you COULD figure it out on your own, doesn’t mean you have to.

Others have come before you. We know the way. We’ve forged the paths, and found the shortcuts, and painted arrows on the trees.

We know the pitfalls and cliffs. We’ve felt the dispair. We’ve waited in line at the préfecture at 5 AM and we’ve gone back 7 times to file the same form because every time we get a different person who wants something else. We get it.

And that’s why Paris Unraveled is here to help.

I know you’re capable, but sometimes, you want someone to hold your hand, and tell you what to do, and explain what the next steps are.

Sometimes, you need someone to find the loophole you need, or to listen to you vent about the préfecture or the bureaucracy or the customer service or any one of a million different things that are hard about living in a different country.

(And just because you choose to live here, you don’t have to love everything about it, or even like it sometimes. That’s life. There are plenty of things I don’t like about living in France, sometimes, but it’s still the place I choose to make my life.)

It’s not all rosé and éclairs and sparkling Eiffel Towers. It shouldn’t have to be – it’s life.

So I’m here to hold your hand. To help you with what you need. To get you your visa, and your health insurance, and your electricity bill sorted, and to do all of the things you need to make your life in France easier. To keep you on track.

So you can live the life you want, without the stress and the angst that comes with not knowing what to do, or how to do it in French, or how on earth you’re going to figure it out.

I’ve got you covered. You just have to get in touch.

Paris Unraveled offers complete service packages to provide you with continuous administrative support throughout your time in France, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Please complete the contact form below with information on what you need assistance with, and we will contact you as soon as possible to see if we may be a good fit for working together.

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